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Desktop Digital Dental Printer Plus


Desktop Digital Dental Printer Plus



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EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory Desktop Digital Dental Printer (DDDP) Plus is a low cost, easy to maintain and user- friendly 3D Rapid Manufacturing Systems for the digital dental laboratory.
Using state-of-the-art Direct Light Projection (DLP®) technology from Texas Instruments®, the DDDP Plus System produces the finest detail in the shortest amount of time.



Applications Dental




  • Unbeatable price-to-performance ratio
  • Perfect for the small to medium company looking to fulfill their production requirements
  • Has the ability to run 24 hour production and can build 18 shells/14 ear molds in 60-90 minutes in a variety of materials
  • Wide choice of high performance materials available
  • Changeover between materials is quick and easy



Build Envelope

100 x 75 x 80 mm (3.94 x 2.95 x 3.15 in.)

XY Resolution*

71 µm (0.003 in.)

Dynamic Voxel Resolution in Z (material dependent)

25 to 150 µm (0.001 to 0.006 in.)

Projector Resolution

1400 x 1050 pixels

Native Voxel Size

71 µm (0.003 in.)

Light Spectrum

Visible or UV options

Data Handling



1 Year Included

Materials Available

  • Clear Guide

    clear implant placement guides

    3D printing of orthodontic models

    Dental crown and bridge dental material.

    transparent, for accurate bite and night guards

    for building partial dentures where some flex is required

    highly accurate models with removable dies

    Prototype and end-use model printing

    Dental crown and bridge material


    Orthodontic indirect bonding trays

Utilizing a build-in Ethernet interface, the Mini DDSP System can connect directly to a PC workstation or can be integrated into a network.  The Mini DDSP System has an embedded PC, which allows the system to work independently from the pre-processing workstation.  The Mini DDSP System can be remotely monitored from any computer on the network using the communication software integrated in the DDSP Software Suite.  Any STL data format can be easily converted using the Mini DDSP Software Suite and then imported to the DDSP System to be built.
  • Any STL file from an impression scanner or intra-oral scanner can be printed.
  • Capable of printing models, quads, partial frameworks, and long-term temporaries.
  • Utilizing a built in ethernet interface, can connect directly to a PC workstation or be integrated into a network
  • Changeover between materials is quick and easy
  • Footprint (L x W x H): 45 x 78 x 45 cm (17.72 x 30.71 x 17.72 in.)
  • Weight: Weight: 35 kg (77.16 lbs)

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